IMG_1466 (1)This is one of those campgrounds where I wish we’d looked before we booked. The rates are reasonable—we paid $28.50 plus tax per night—and they are located right off I-90, but the place is pretty rundown. I think the owners main clientele are constructions workers and the attendees of the annual Sturgis Rally.

Facility: 2.5/5

The sites are grass, and very close together. The roads are all gravel. There is no designated place to unhook your toad, and our back in site was too short to park our Jeep in front of the motorhome, so we had to parallel park. We barely had enough room to get the car off the road. Our site was within about 15 feet of an access road, so we were serenaded with road noise, mostly motorcycles, all night long. The campground does have one thing going for it: gorgeous views of the hills on one side of the property.

Restrooms: 2.5/5

There are two bathhouses at the campground, but they weren’t what you’d call spotless. The power for the bathhouse nearest our campsite operated on generator power. Harry likes to use the bathhouses so he can take a long, hot shower, but the generator shutoff while he was in the shower and the lights went out. The water started getting cold very quickly. He was not a happy camper. 

Amenities: 2.5/5

The laundry facilities are located between the restrooms, but they were nothing to write home about. The campground offers free WIFI and cable, but the WIFI was extremely slow, even though we were very close to the office. We did not use the cable. There is a large metal building near the back of the campground, which is referred to as the “Beer Garden.” There were about twenty Porta Potties located next the Beer Garden, and it looked like the owners were gearing up for the rally. The entire back section is set up for tent camping. Since there were no tent campers there during our stay, it looked like gorgeous greenspace.

Location: 5/5

The campground is conveniently located close to Deadwood, Lead, and Spearfish. As far as Sturgis goes, there is nothing to see in the town other than a small motorcycle museum, which wasn’t all that great. 

Pet Friendly: 5/5

The campground is pet friendly, and there was a small area designated for walking your pets.

Overall Rating: 3.5

Summary: If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay overnight and don’t get stuck on a site near the access road, this isn’t a bad place to stay. I wouldn’t make this a vacation destination, though, unless you plan to attend the rally.

Cell Phone Signal: We were able to get four bars with both AT&T and Verizon. Ironic that we got our best cell phone service at the worst campground we’ve stayed at so far.

Conclusion: Would we stay at Days End again? Yes, but only for an overnight stay, and if we were far away from the access road.

Our campsite
Beer Garden
Tent sites

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