October 7, 2018

In a few short weeks, Harry and I are moving out of our house and becoming full-time RVers. We have been knocking this idea around for the past year or so, but taking our two-month trip out west this past spring solidified the deal.

In July, we started purging forty-eight years worth of possessions, donating, giving away, and selling 95% of everything we owned. It was both exciting and terrifying to let go of things we held near and dear to us, but it was the only way to achieve our goal of becoming full-timers.

Other than our clothing and techno stuff (laptops, iPads, etc.) we are keeping very little in the way of possessions. Harry chose to hang on to his metal detectors and a handful of fishing equipment. I opted to keep my sewing machine and my camera. Not only have we downsized, but we’ve also had to minimize some things, like our printer and shredder. The foot of our bed lifts up, and those items can be stored under the bed while we are traveling.

We sold Harry’s beloved MINI Cooper last month, and this week we’re selling our Toyota Tundra (aka our weekend mobile—it only has 56K miles). I have loved that truck for the past twelve years, and I really hate to see her go, but we simply cannot take more than one vehicle with us. We have a Jeep Cherokee that is designed to flat tow, and it is already set up with all the requisite equipment needed to tow it four wheels down. We could have kept the MINI and sold the Jeep, but the Jeep is a more practical vehicle for us. It has a tow hitch, so we can haul our bikes, and it has way more room than the MINI.

So why are we making such a drastic move at this stage of our lives? The answer is simple. We want to travel as much as we can for as long as we can, and we simply cannot afford to do that while being tethered to a house.

How do we know we’ll like our new life style? We don’t, but we are committed to trying it for a minimum of two years. After that, well, we’ll just play it by ear.

Headed for the Asphalt Trail!

Captain Nemo and Georgia Jan


  1. The last time you blogged you had a list of things you would not take with you on the next long trip. Does that list still apply as fulltimers? Also, one of those items you would do different was to not blog. I very much enjoyed your blog and hope that this latest post is an indication that you are going to blog again. And if not, how can I find you on Facebook so I can follow your adventures.


    • First, hello. Hope y’all are doing well. Second, great question. I had no idea when I wrote that blog that we were going to take the plunge and go full time, so here’s what has changed, based on the original post stating items we would not take on another trip.

      1) We sold the drone, since there were so few places we could fly it, plus it took up too much room.
      2) We definitely brought the portable satellite dish and receiver with us, as we are now staying in one local for longer periods. Before, we were constantly on the move, and now we plan to travel at a slower pace.
      3) Harry decided to keep two metal detectors, and sold the other two.
      4) I sold my knitting equipment. Even at home, I found I wasn’t using it enough to justify the space it took up.
      5) We brought our bikes. Same reason as # 2, we are staying in one local for longer periods of time.
      9) After I lost my engagement ring, I opted not to replace it, so all I have is a wedding band. I’ve never been a big fan of jewelry, so my engagement ring was the most expensive piece I owned..
      We reduced our amount of possessions by about 90%, but we are now in the process of going through everything again and deciding if it is a want or a need. As the clock was ticking to hit the road, my husband started stuffing things everywhere. We are going to be in the Charleston area for five weeks, so that should give us time to start the process of getting organized. Next, we’ll be heading to Florida for the winter, and hopefully by the time we leave there, we will have parred down a lot more possessions. I’m a minimalist; my husband is a pack rat, so we’re trying to find a healthy balance between the two. With only 370′ of living space plus storage bays, you have to really pick and choose the things that are important. Thanks for the question.

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      • I forgot to mention about the blog. I’ve been rethinking the whole blog thing, and have decided that I will blog from time to time when we visit something worth posting about. As you know, my posts tend to be long, primarilary because I do so much research about an area we visit. My thought is that most of my friends and family will never get the opportunity to visit some of the places we’ve visited, so I want them to get a visual from my words as much as my photos. I’m on FB as Jan Booth Lancaster. Love your new motorhome, by the way! We’re in Mt. Pleasant for the next five weeks. Harry hurt his knee shortly before we left home. He had it x-rayed, and the doctor said nothing was torn, and that it looked like arthritis. He starts physical theraphy on Monday. Hoping that will alleviate the pain in time. If things have not improved by the time we get to Florida, we’re going to see an orphopedic doctor and get the knee checked out again. Please tell Beth I said hello, and that I am super impressed that she can drive the MH.


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